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Stock Market Analysis: 04/13/20

Trading the US market and unique boutique s has been pretty easy if you know how to study trending stocks combined with the Top 20 Volume stocks which exudes activity. I followed their buy activity and managed to get 12,000 shares total at 41.35. The stock then slowly rose and until today, it shot through the roof with almost 270% to date. I continue to like FAS on dips below $21 if we get them. Mr Tan made $12,111 in just 1 contra day and at the age of 67, he is still thriving and working hard on all the assignments I gave him but the one thing I like about him is his work ethics and determination to make the rain happen even he cut some small losses those days. Thank you all for coming for the Mastermind class for the last 2 days and I hope you call gained some powerful insights on my scanning and analyzing work. Another epic trade last month as I traded the US market with big positions and profited super handsomely.


That’s simply amazing to be able to focus and concentrate all the things I shared with him and use it effectively in the market per night. Many people trade full-time because they know how to trade properly and have winning strategies they use to make a profit. Had some good coffee drinking and strategies sharing session yesterday as I shared with all my guys how to trade the right stocks while more importantly, how to filter the millions of stocks into just 1-2 masterpieces. While the market is moving higher, my profits are escalating too with all the stocks I chose and trade all outperforming. Before pushing the ‘’trade’’ button, make sure you’ve read enough about the stock market on relevant websites, blogs and forums. As the year was ending and as we marched towards 2021, I was just doing my last event and seminar for the year where everyone committed traders had the chance to trade, learn and watch how I make my forward prescient predictions LIVE. As I was having coffee yesterday, I was watching and studying some stocks to know which are the best one potentially which allowed me to make $300,000 so that I am very selective and careful in my stocks selection.